Victorian Pride

Old Complex Buildings

In 1825 a health spa opened here in Slaithwaite. Two springs, known to local people for hundreds of years, were first piped by Richard Valley in 1825. In the 1800s, mineral-rich waters were thought to be good for your health. Healing spas grew up around them for people to drink or bathe in the waters.

By 1891 the Slaithwaite Spa & Hydropathic Establishment Ltd had built new swimming baths across the river, a grand hall, bandstand, bowling green, tennis courts and beautiful gardens on this side of the river. A portable photographic studio on Spa Lane offered people the chance to record their visit to Spa Park. Well-to-do families could pay a subscription to use all the facilities for the season, but anyone could pay a few pennies to go swimming. People came from far and wide to Slaithwaite, to sample the sulphur and iron springs.