New Beginnings

May 2004

Slaithwaite Spa Rant

2004 saw the formation of the Friends of Slaithwaite Spa, headed by Christopher Woolnough. With support from the River Colne Project, work was done throughout the park to restore it to its former glory, and continues to this day.

Efforts at the time led to the May 2007 Slaithwaite Spa Rant, a 21st Century take on the old May festivals that were once commonplace in the Victorian era Spa Park. 

On this fabulous sunny day thousands of people came along to enjoy the Punch & Judy shows, Victorian hat making, juggling, music making, country crafts and lots more. Everyone enjoyed a rolling programme of entertainments with Slaithwaite Brass band and the Philharmonic Orchestra, a local choir, and a samba band; the ice cream stall sold out, as did the beer!