The Old Spa Complex

1825 – 2017

Slaithwaite Spa operated from around 1825 to 1930, except for the War years 1914-19. The Second World War hastened its demise having experienced decline before the War. In 1946, the Spa buildings were sold and the park itself, its avenues and formal gardens no longer maintained, soon deteriorated to an unloved, little-used wilderness. In 2004, the inspiration and drive of Chris Woolnough and others, with active support from the River Colne Project,  gave birth to the Friends of Slaithwaite Spa. The practical enthusiasm and energy of the group was soon appreciated by Kirklees Council, and the two organisations now continue to work closely on our common aims: 

To restore and enhance the Slaithwaite Spa Complex as an environmentally friendly and biodiverse open Green Space, capable of being used and enjoyed by all members of society.